1) Are you a full time photographer?

Yes. Photography is my sole occupation.

2) How long have you been a photographer?

I established my business in 2003.

3) Do you have any photography qualifications/have you studied photography?

Yes. I have a City & Guilds qualification in photography.

4) Are you insured?

Yes. I have full professional insurance.

5) Which equipment do you use?

I use Canon professional level cameras and lenses.

6) Why do you work from a Home Studio and not a High Street premises?

This is a choice I made due to preferring to have a more personal space to photograph my clients in, and both I and they find it very relaxed.

7) Do you have disabled access at your home studio?

Unfortunately not, but for anyone who may not be able to climb stairs due to disability, or age related mobility issues, I offer a location or home attendance portrait service. Please advise at the time of booking and I will be happy to accomodate your requirements.

7) Is there parking available?

Yes. You may park at my reserved parking. There is also plentiful street parking available.

8) Are you CRB/DBS checked?

As I do not work alone with children or vulnerable groups, I am not required to have one.

9) Do you charge mileage for photo sessions on location or great outdoors?

I do not charge mileage for photo sessions in the Nuneaton area. Mileage charges of £0.45 per mile apply to photo sessions of 5 miles, or over, outside of the Nuneaton area. I aways discuss this with clients at the time of booking.

10) What if I do not wish to have my own/my child’s/my family photograph(s) put on Social Media or your website?

I am always happy to respect my clients’ wishes, but I also am grateful when clients understand that using images online is vital for my business’ survival, as it is my portfolio. I always like to assure parents that their child’s full name and location are never divulged anywhere and I am also happy to use a middle name, if they prefer. The same goes for adult’s portraits and families. This particular issue is always discussed with clients.

And the one questions which is asked, by far, much more than any other!

11) Why do you not sell digital images/USBs?

As a photographer I truly believe that photographs are meant to be “seen” and displayed, proudly, in your home instead of tucked away in a drawer, in a USB… Your portraits are a part of your family heirloom and precious records of yours and your family’s life, which will be looked back at, fondly, for many generations to come.

I do understand that not everyone has the space to display large (or many small) images on their walls and that it would not be practical to keep having photo sessions and adding image after image to your shelves or walls.

This is why I offer products such as the Window Folio Box which doubles as storage and a fabulous way to display your images, and to keep changing them without needing any more space!

It is wonderful to walk into a client’s home and see their portraits on the walls and shelves. It makes a home feel more like a home. And I do practice what I preach as my most loved family images can be seen in my own home!

I do offer all clients complimentary high resolution digital copies of any images they purchase in print. This way you can reprint them to give to family and friends. It’s a win-win situation! You get wonderful images and products and you can still make other copies, if you need.