I Invite You To My Studio For An Amazing Makeover Photo Session!


The Experience That Can Make A Real Difference!

“I wanted to thank you as after my experience with you I was more comfortable around cameras and photographers in fact some of my costumes are getting quite showstopping as I’m more confident! In fact I look at the pictures anytime I think an outfit is getting too over the top and then usually just go for it. So even though it was a couple of years ago, thank you so much !”

- Vicky Hopgood

The Makeover Experience Photo Session is for women of all ages, body shapes and ethinicities


There are so many reasons why you should do it!

Whether you are having this experience simply because you always wanted to try it, or to celebrate a milestone in your life, a special birthday, to boost your self-confidence, to treat yourself or your loved one to a fabulous photo session - this experience will change the way you see yourself and will remind you that you are amazing!

Do you ever feel as though you do not exist in any of your family photographs because you are always worried about being in front of the camera, or because you always find yourself to be the one taking the photos?

“I hate the way I look in photographs!” - I hear you say. Well… It is my special power to make sure you look amazing! It is my skill to capture you at your very best, so all I ask is that you trust me and I will show you back to yourself in a way which will forever change your self image.

Before your photo session we will meet for a consultation and we will discuss clothes’ styling, make up and hair, the “feel” of the photo session and how you want to look in your portraits.

Whether it is a Fine Art feel, or Modern and Vibrant, Romantic and Soft, or even a more Dramatic look, I will ensure that I gently guide you through the session in order to capture the very best of you.

And after your photo session, having had your professional make-up and hair done, you will look amazing, so why not arrange a night out with the girls or a special date with your partner?


The photo shoot cost is £150, and the following is included:

  • An in person consultation, pre Photo Session, with outfit styling planning, hair and make up guide

  • Professional hair styling and make up on the day of the Photo Session

  • The Photo Session Day, which typically lasts between 2 to 4 hours

  • Up to 3 outfit changes

  • My creative edit of your images

  • A digital copy of any images you purchase in print, with permission to print unlimited copies for personal use

  • The viewing session of your amazing portraits


You Don’t Have To Go Solo!

Why not share the experience with your best friend, your partner, your mum or sister? Additional participants’ sitting fee is £50 per additonal participant, including hair and make up styling.


Room 4.jpg

The average spend from clients, on their beautiful portraits, is £350 to £1500, but what you decide to spend is entirely up to you!

There are never hard sell tactics, no set minimum purchase or an obligation to buy any products, however I will always endeavour to create portraits that you will feel you absolutely must have!

You will receive a complimentary digital copy of any images you purchase in print.

Single Matted Fine Art Prints, A La Carte, start from £105 and the stunning Legacy Portfolio Boxes start at £695. I also offer Fine Art Canvas and Metallic Wall Art. Payment Plans are available.

Your experience photo shoot will be designed for just for you and I personally tailor your session to capture portraits that you have always dreamed of having!


This Photo Session cannot be booked online so please either email me or schedule a call back, to find out more and book your Photo Session.