Why More People Are Choosing An Experience Over "Things"


An Experience Stays With You…

As I typed this post I was sitting in the lounge of a whisky distillery in the Scottish Highlands, waiting for my husband and sister-in-law to conclude the distillery tour and, as I do not drink, I chose to work on my blog post...

Next to me, to my right, a group of tourists were coming to the end of their own tour and the guide was explaining the history of their whisky, as well as giving the visitors a sample to try out. After that they would, no doubt, be purchasing a bottle (or two), to round up the full experience of their visit and would take home a reminder of their time in Scotland and their visit to this distillery.

Being there was incredibly well timed for me as, the previous night, whilst considering the subject of my next blog post I had already decided to write about the reasons why more and more people are choosing to invest in experiences over simply buying things, and that was a perfect example.

Why Simply Buy An Object When You Can Have An Experience?

Thinking about my own choices I came to the conclusion that an experience is preferable because:

  1. It stays with you forever! - If you experience something new and exciting, that memory is something which will never leave you;

  2. It does not need to be replaced - In fact, it cannot be replaced! An experience never gets old, or become obsolete, unlike most many objects;

  3. It becomes part of your life’s story - Although it can be fun to tell everyone about your new phone or tv, it is hardly a subject which will hold a conversation for very long. Most people have these things and they are common place... But an experience is something you can talk about in a very personal way and it becomes part of your collection of memories;

  4. It produces irreplaceable mementoes - Whether it be that bottle of whisky, some holiday photos of your family having fun or the beautiful photographs from your makeover photo shoot, these are more than simply things These are mementoes of a fabulous experience!;

  5. It can be shared with your loved ones - The feeling of having a new object is not something which can be shared in a personal way. The feeling of telling your loved ones about your experience is something you can share with everyone and they will want to hear about how it was and how it made you feel.

Experiences are personal and about how they make you feel. The memories will last a lifetime and they cannot be replaced.

Things are merely possesions. They can make you feel good for a short time, but they can be replaced.

Of course on our day-to-day we all need things in order to lead a functional life, and I do not underestimate this fact, but we also need, perhaps even more, to experience joy, excitment, pleasure and contentment - These feelings can only be gained from "doing" and experiencing things which are not every day occurences.

Do Something Different!


Do Something That Scares You. Do Something That Makes You Feel Amazing.

Yes. Have a Makeover Photo Shoot Experience!

Although having your photo taken should not be in the "scary" category, I know that for many people it is just that. But why not dare yourself to just go for it and decide that although a bit scary, it will also be amazing?

You do not need to do it alone!


Bring your best friend for moral support and encouragement or, even better, bring your best friend to take part in the Makeover Experience! Or if you’d prefer, bring your mum, your partner or your child.

The Makeover Experience Session Fee includes make up and hair for up to two people, so it can be a wonderful shared experience! Have your photo taken looking super glamorous, together and individually. You will both be treated to a welcome with something sparkling, some lovely chocolates and even some fresh strawberries - And if you are the one driving, I will arrange for a refreshing soft drink so you do not feel left out.

After The Photo Shoot…

Make an evening of it!

You will be looking amazing, and feeling amazing, so why not arrange a girl’s night out? If you are being photographed on your own, why not arrange a romantic meal with your partner, afterwards?

The possbilities are may and it would be a shame not to make the most of your glorious makeover…

A couple of weeks later, you will be invited to come back and look at the beautiful images I will produce and you will have a your very own fabulous reminder of how amazing you look!

If Not For Yourself, Do You Know Someone Deserves a Pampering Experience?

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