The Fabulous New Gift Cards Are Ready and Available From 2nd July 2019 - Here's How It Happened!

You know that feeling when you’ve had an idea and you actually brought it to life, sucessfully?

Gift Cards are not any sort of new, or revolutionary, idea but trying to imagine and design one which will be brand-specific and beautifully simple and to the point, can be a challenge - And I never run from challenges!

So I sat in front of my pc screen and decided to design something new - Something which would be of high-quality and which would be simple and to the point…

My challenges were:

  1. How many designs do I want/need?

  2. Which images will I use (by far the hardest part!)?

  3. The text? Oh, boy…

  4. Which paper to choose?

  5. The card size?

  6. The font?

  7. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!!

Then, of course, setting up the store, the descriptions, the prices, advertising and anything else I can think of to bring these to life!

So after some soul-searching and semi-challenging-decision-making, I settled on the following:

  • I chose to have three designs - I offer four different styles of Photo Session so I wanted to keep at least two of the card designs quite specific - The Makeover Photo Shoot and The Children & Family Photo Session have an image associated with these styles, and I chose to make a Generic Gift Card in case the person purchasing it wishes to let the recipient decide on which style of photography they wish to spend it on - These can be bought for any of the Photo Sessions I offer;

  • The images - The hardest part! Over the years I have photographed so many images that I love that it was a real task choosing the two I would use - I wanted one for the Makeover Gift Card and another for the Children & Family Gift Card as the Generic Gift Card would be text-only. I decided on two of my most favourites of recent photo sessions

Makeover GC_Front_SAMPLE.jpg

This image was ideally positioned to allow space for the words, and I love the look on her face!

family and child GC_Front_SAMPLE.jpg

This one is a “favourite-favourite” as they are both children & family - This brother and sister walking hand-in-hand is simply the perfect image for this Gift Card!

Generic GC_Front_SAMPLE.jpg

Keeping it simple and to the point with the Generic Gift Card!

  • The Text - I kept this part as straight-foward as I could, also allowing space for a message to be added, which I felt was very important. However, on the back of the Makeover Gift Card, I wanted to add a low opacity image to illustrate and make it more interesting!

Makeover GC_Back_SAMPLE.jpg

I think the final look is rather appealing!

  • Paper & Card Size - This is one of the most important decisions I had to make. I wanted the Gift Card to be of excellent quality and to feel luxurious to the touch - To feel more like a gft than simply a voucher. I chose a card paper called Tintoretto Gesso, which has a fabulous texture, and has a matching envelope. Totally gorgeous! Then I decided to make it a 5x7 inches, which for a photo is on the small side, but for a Gift Card is just perfect.

  • The Font - That was one of the easiest parts as I chose fonts which I use on my website, to match my brand!

The whole process took me two whole days, but I think it was well worth it and now I look forward to receiving the cards in the post and making them available from the 2dn July!

Here’s a slideshow which I have now made to promote the Gift Cards!

I hope you enjoyed getting an insight on how these were made and if you would like to find out more about buying a Gift Card, click on the below link to go to the Gift Card Store!

Andrea de Gabriel