The Camera Does Not Ask Your Age!

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Is one of the common thoughts you have when thinking about having a beautiful portrait that you are “too old”?

If you are thinking this way chances are that you are now over 50 and has bought into the lie that you are no longer desirable, photogenic, interesting - Have you really come to believe that you are “passed it” (what a hateful expression!)?

I am often amazed, and somewhat saddened, by this mindset which seems to be so common in women.

Let’s get this one knocked on the head right now:

You are, most definitely, not “passed it”! I am over 50 and I can tell you right now that I am in no way passed it, expired, ready to hang up my hat - or my camera, my boots, my life!

It is simply wrong to be made to feel this way and, worse of all, believe that being under any age is the only acceptable time to feel fabulous about yourself. I am coming at this with the authority that my own age and years allow me to have.

Sure, there are a lot of things that change in our bodies as we get older - Let’s not deny that it can be a challenge and, at times, a total drag. But that’s just nature! Like the pain of teething when we are babies, our first painful enccounter with period pains, or having spots as teens…

Why do we get so hang up on the numbers?

I always say that getting older is a blessing, and although I do not wish to depress you whilst reading this, I would ask you to consider one thing: There are many children today, who will not get to be older or have a full life.

That is the thought which ensures I absolutely celebrate every birthday and relish the possibility of becoming an eccentric older lady.


Bearing in mind that none of us can go back to our teenage years, (and why on earth would anyone want to do that?!), I always encourage everyone to look back and realise just how far they have come, and how they are now the person who steers their own lives in whichever direction they want - That’s worth a lot! Then I encourage them to only look forward but, most importantly, I encourage everyone to concentrate on the now.

You are amazing right now. You are absolutely worthy of celebrating yourself, your life and your ability to make your own choices! Your age is not an issue.


It is quite simple, really! How about I give you some scenarios?

  • Maybe your children have grown up and no longer require the same constant attention they did as small children. You now have time (and energy) to dedicate to yourself, your work or your business.

  • Maybe you do not have children but have been busy building a business or a career, and now have a little more time to yourself.

  • Maybe you are still super busy with either children or work but feel that you would dearly love the opportunity to get a little pampering and some “me time”, to recharge your batteries and start again.

I do realise that the above three scenarios most definitely do not begin to cover all the possibilities and challenges we all deal with, and are meant only as an illustration.

Whethever the reality of your own personal circumstances I feel it is very important to value ourselves, value our life experience and allow ourselves some personal time.

This is where The Experience Photo Shoot comes in!

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What You’ll Get From The Photo Shoot


Ok. here’s a list, because I like lists… You’ll get:

  1. “Me Time” - A chance to have people looking after you, for a change!;

  2. To Look Back at Yourself, Realistically - You will be able to see yourself in a whole new light and know that you are, by no means, passed it;

  3. To Have a Record of The “Right-Now-You” - Professional Photography is far more than some pictures. It is a family heirloom. It is a “I was here and this is who I was” reminder, for generations to come. This really matters. I am ever grateful that my own mother loved photography and was not afraid to have professional portraits made. She has been gone for over 30 years and I still look at her photos and have them all around my home;

  4. Some Amazing Fun - Get pampered. Get dressed up. Be Girly. Don’t be girly. Just be yourself but all glammed up!;

  5. And, Yes! You’ll Get Some Great Portraits! - I am very proud to offer some absolutely amazing products for you to keep your images in, and also be able to display them. I have thought of the different challenges posed by possible lack of wall display areas in my clients’ homes and also about those who want, or not want, to display their images, for whatever reason. The products I offer will be suitable for either situations, and are produced by the best photography labs in the industry.

I could add many more items to this list but I won’t, as I know that if you have read this far you probably already understand the message:

You are never too old. You are NOT over the hill, passed it, ready to be put to pasture or any of the other hateful and demeaning cliches that society can impose on us!

Instead of believing the bad, believe this:

You are amazing. You made it. You are worthy of being seen. You deserve to feel wonderful. The camera dos not care, even a little, about your date of birth!

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The first step is to either complete the Contact Form below or to call me on 07824 312561. You are bound to have questions and I am always happy to answer them!

If you are happy with what you hear ( and why wouldn’t you be?) we can go on to book your Experience Photo Shoot.

The next step will be an in person consultation at my studio, when we will have an chat about the styling of your images, your clothing, make up and hair - At this point you will already start to feel special and looked after.

We will then agree on a date for the shoot and you can start really looking forward to it. And don’t worry if you start to feel a little unsure - I promise that feeling will go away as soon as you are here with me and the make up artist! She will make you look even more amazing and I will gently guide you through posing and making the very best of your photo shoot.

A couple of weeks after the shoot I will get in touch to arrange your viewing, which I just know will leave you amazed at how fabulous you really are!