Saying "Goodbye" To Wedding Photography...

The decision to no longer photograph weddings has been a difficult and heart-wrenching one to make, and one I do not take lightly.

I have met some truly wonderful couples over the past 16 years and have been honoured to be part of their big day. I have photographed some truly memorable weddings - Though, to be fair, all weddings are memorable and special and I am fortunate to have been there to witness them all!

However Portraiture is my first love and, although I did bring elements of it to my wedding photography, I have now made the decision to dedicate myself solely to it.

The thought to change my business has been on my mind for some time and I have been back and forth with this thought. I have changed my mind more times than should be allowed!

Alas, this week has cemented my decision, and here we are…

And so my website no longer has a wedding photography link or pages, and my weddings’ Facebook page has been permanently deleted. This was the final step.

I leave wedding photography feeling very lucky to have done it for so long, and am utterly thankful to each and every couple who entrusted their wonderful memories to me…

As I say “Goodbye” to weddings I feel more than a tinge of sadness but I also look to the future of my business with renewed excitment, and look forward to many more years photographing makeovers, children and families, and business portraits!

I will end this post on a positive note with a short slideshow of just some of my favourite wedding moments - It would be impossible to put them all on a slideshow!

Andrea de Gabriel