Photographer Life - Preparing Equipment & Packing For A Wedding!

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that you have, at some point, wondered what goes on behind the scenes when a professional photographer is getting ready to work on a wedding - It is a very, very, different process from preparing for a studio photo session, for example.

I want to say straight away that what I am talking about here is “my” process, as other photographers may do things differently, although I am sure that some of the things I will talk about here are an absolute must for us all!

In order to enable you to actually see what happens, I made some short, time-lapse, videos of the different parts of the process, as otherwise it really makes no sense… So, let’s begin!

1) Cleaning Filters:

These particular filters are for close-up shots, and I pack three of them, for different styles of shots. All need to be cleaned to avoid specs on the images.

2) Cleaning Lenses:

One of the most important steps, in my opinion! Dirty lenses make for poor quality images.

3) Setting Up Cameras:

This step involves putting freshly charged batteries in the holder and checking the settings to ensure I am photographing in the correct mode and that the camera time and date are correctly set, especially due to the clocks changing a few weeks ago.

4) Clearing Cards:

After every wedding or portrait session, I upload and save the images I photographed.

Once the next wedding comes around, the cards I used must be cleared to record the new images. This step takes a little while longer than the others.

5) Packing The Camera Bag:

I used to have a recurring nightmare the night before every wedding: “Oh NO! I forgot my cameras!”. This would extend to dreaming about forgetting batteries, lenses, or anything else I’d care to think about.

This reflected my anxiety about not being able to do my job for my clients, and although I no longer have these nightmares, I still take every care to ensure that all my equipment is packed and present!

6) Packing The Accessories Bag:

Equally vital to being able to photograph the wedding… The cameras cannot work without these!

Other than the above, time is also taken to charge all camera batteries and the batteries for the hand-held lights.

7) Then I must ensure that I have packed all the wedding information, schedules, group shots’ list, venue directions.


8) Last, but not least, I decide on the outfit for the day: It must be clean and smart but cannot be restrictive, or be my best and most expensive outfit, as I have been known to lay on the floor and to kneel on muddy ground to get a shot!

Outfit Ready.JPG

All of this process takes place the day before the wedding, so that I am able to get out in the morning without having to rush around.


And off to the wedding we go…

Look out next week for sneaky peeks from tomorrow’s wedding!

Andrea de Gabriel