"My Child Hates Having Their Photo Taken" - Why I Am Reluctant To Agree...

I have heard it all… Or most of it:

  • My child hates having his/her photo taken

  • My child will never sit for long enough

  • He/she is at “that” age…

  • The school/nursery photograph was a disaster!

  • Any other reason you may have, you can add here :)

The truth is that none of these reasons are absolutes! And none should stop you from booking a Photo Session for your child.

I have heard all of these reasons on almost every Photo Session a parent contact me to book, and they seem to say it almost as a challenge to me, or a pre-emptive apology for the chaos they believe their child will cause!

In reality I am yet to meet a child I could not photograph or whom truly hate to be photographed.

Sure, most children are not that interested in having a Photo Session as they do it because the parents want to record a special time in their lives. They are not old enough to really understand it - and, let’s be honest, standing in front of studio lights is not really the most natural or comfortable experience for the majority of humans, at any age… But it is absolutely doable.

So I hear you ask: “What is this strange sorcery you do which will make my child an instant (and miraculous) child-model?”

The answer is very simple and not at all magical: PATIENCE!

I am very patient, which comes from the fact that I love working with children - because I like and understand them!

To illustrate my point, this young lady’s mum apologised to me even before she arrived in the studio as she was absolutely conviced that her baby girl would simply not stop for a minute!

Here’s one of many images of this “restless” child…


I would reassure you, as a parent, that the reason why booking me to photograph your child is very different from what happens when you photograph your child at home, or even what happens at the school/nursery photography session, is that when you bring your child to my studio there is no pressure. Your child is receiving all the attention and there is time for them to get used to what is going on…

If your child has a camera or mobile phone continually pointing at them at home they are bound to eventually get weary of it, and will come to think of it as a terrible effort due to being continually asked to “say cheese” (or something on those lines). They will, most likely, rebel and protest. That is not the same as hating to have their photo taken.

So you book your Photo Session and you may well sit in my studio and think it is all chaos, but what you may not see is the fact that even while your child is sitting for just a few seconds, this is sometimes all I need to capture a stunning and natural image!

I find that the parents’ stress and desire to have their child behave, and be their best, is often what causes the most anxiety for both the parent and child and as such I am always keen to ensure everyone knows exaclty what is happening by discussing how the session will progress.

Dependent on your child’s age you will also be encouraged help out with some aspects of the session, to ensure your child always feels your presence and is reassured by it.

Another example of a child whom I was assured “hates having his photo taken” and “his nursery photos were a disaster”, was young Sam - Here, an image from his last Photo Session!


Oh, yes. What a “horror” he did NOT turn out to be!

Sam has now been in front of my camera many times and although, as any child of his age, he has a lot of energy he is also familiar with the whole idea of being photographed and we always get beautiful images of him!

I am not saying that there may never come a day when a child will simply be impossible to photograph, but this is something I doubt…

In short, here is why I would strongly encourage you to book my professional services, with no fear:

  1. I am a full-time professional photographer - This is what I do and love! As such, I am in a strong position to work with you and your child to get the best out of your Photo Session.

  2. I work very closely with parents in order to book a Photo Session which is suitable for their child or children, and this always ensures the best results. It is possible that a Studio Photo Session is not the best option and we can talk about a Great Outdoors Photo Session instead.

  3. I will always respect you and your child’s comfort zone and the Photo Session will always be done at a comfortable pace, for all.

  4. You will receive a very useful Guide To Your Photo Session, in order to be well prepared for it, and make the most of it.

I hope you found this post useful in allaying your fears about booking a Photo Session for your child(ren), and be assured that I would be very happy to hear from you and discuss the best way to move forward in booking a beautiful Photo Session!

You can call me on 07824 312561 or click on the below button to complete the Contact Form.

Andrea de Gabriel

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