It's All New. It's All Changed. Find Out Why & How!

The “Why?”


In order to give you a better understanding of what has changed, and why it happened, I need to take you back to the very beginning of my journey in business. I will keep it (fairly) brief!

In 2003, after I completed my college course in photography, I set up my business and enlisted some friends to model for me in order to build my portfolio and to figure out what type of photography I wanted to concentrate on. Photographing adults, and in particular women, was a natural choice as it is a subject I know something about.

And so I enlisted the help of a lovely young lady, whom we will call Ana- Not her real name, but given the personal nature of this story I want to protect her privacy. I am sure you understand!

Ana was in her early twenties and had a very well defined fashion style, which was what led me to ask her to model for me - She always looked very distinct and individual.

Ana came over to the studio and I photographed her in her favourite outfits and the make up she did, so skillfully.

After a couple of weeks I asked her back to view the images and pick some, as a Thank You, for her help. She remained completely quiet through the projection of the images, and that made me very worried! I was certain she hated the images and was trying to spare my feelings by not commenting. Nonetheless, she picked her images.

A week later she came back to collect her photos and what happened next shaped my view of photography, its power, and it also shaped my career…

I offered her a coffee and she followed my into the kitchen. Without prompting, she told me this:

“I want to thank you, so much, for asking me to do these photos. They are beautiful and I was really taken aback by them, as I never believed I am beautiful. I used to wake up and look at myself in the mirror and hate myself, but now I have a lot of confidence! In fact, I have so much confidence that I even got back in touch my my dad, as I had not seen or spoken to him for many years. We had been estranged and due to my lack of confidence in myself I never got back in touch. Now I am really looking forward to seeing my dad again and I really believe in myself!”

That made me cry and still moves me, even as I type this post…

In a time when women, men and children are continually bombarded with unrealistic goals of self-image and self-worth, I decided to go back to where I started. I want to go back to empowering women, men, and children, to allow them to see themselves more kindly and realistically.

This is “The Why”!

The How?


The obvious change is the name, though if you still type you will be redirected to this new website and this redirection will remain for 12 months.

In addition to the name re-branding, I have changed the studio set up and the products I offer, as well as the style of Photo Sessions I now photograph.

I now offer the following photo sessions:

  • The Experience Photo Shoot - A Magazine Style Makeover Photo Shoot with make up and hair styling!

  • Personal & Business Branding

  • Children over 3

  • Families

I no longer offer these photo sessions:

  • Newborn Photo Sessions

  • Cake Smash

I also have added some truly amazing new products to complement your equally amazing portraits, and will be publishing a Portraits Magazine to be distributed to local businesses. The shorter digital version can also be seen online, here.

So folks, this it it! I do hope that those who have followed me this far will continue to do so, and I also hope to meet many new faces for some amazing Portrait Photography.

Have a look around the new site and let me know what you think!

Andrea de Gabriel