Be Seen. Be Present. You'll Be Amazed!

When faced with the “horrifying” prospect of being in front of the camera for a portrait, do you:

  • Decide that you’d rather have a tooth out with no anesthesia?

  • Tell yourself that you are just “not model material”?

  • Cry?

  • Emmigrate?

I would like to begin by telling you that you are not alone in considering any (if not all) of the above!

But I would also like to ask you to seriously consider why you have such negative reactions when having a camera pointed at you, and I believe there can only be one reason: Fear of seeing yourself, of not looking good enough in photos.

This, in turn, means that you are never really present in photos and are always behind the camera or hiding away from it…

And now that we have named the beast, how about looking at the reasons why this happens?


The Fear

I know of nothing which can turn a person’s legs to jelly faster than being asked to pose for a photo!

We all exude confidence in certain areas of our lives… I mean, you can be super confident in your work or in your cooking abilities. Maybe you are a champion at a sport! But I know of nothing which can turn a person’s legs to jelly faster than being asked to pose for a photo!

And the most common reasons I hear, are:

  • I am not photogenic,

  • I need to lose (quite) a few pounds,

  • I hate myself in photos

You may well look at the images on my website and think that the women shown here were born to be in front of the camera - “They are beautiful”, “They are slender”, “They are confident”…

The truth is that we are all born with that confidence! What knocks it out of us can be down to a lifetime of self doubt which can be caused by far too many different events to go into, in this blog post!



What takes you from a regular girl to an amazing glamorous goddess? Yes. A makeover!

What takes you from a regular girl to an amazing glamorous goddess? Yes. A makeover!

I have, deliberately, put a Before & After Gallery on the website to allow you to get a reality check.

And I have to say right here that there were no enhancements made to the images which in any way changed their body shapes, or facial features, as I do not believe in doing this! Some small amount of skin-smoothing does take place. The camera is brutal on magnifying pores and I keep the smoothing to a minimum, as the make up does most of the work!

I discuss any changes such as spots or scars’ removal with my client prior to the photo shoot, but will never carry out body and facial features’ modification. I rely entirely on good lighting and posing to make you look your very best!


Using any editing software to skew reality when it comes to a person’s body shape or face (woman, man or child) is wrong, but this is a subject which needs its own blog post, so let’s move on…

As the images above show, good make up and hair styling are the original Photoshop and women have been enhancing their looks for as long as anyone can recall, in this way. Nothing wrong with that.

As part of The Experience Photo Shoot, you will receive some luscious pampering, by a professional make up artist, who can also style your locks!

Before the photo shoot, we will meet to discuss the styling, clothing, make up and hair, so that we can achieve the look you dream of.

During the photo shoot you will be given personal posing guidance by me, and this will enable you to feel confident and will enable me to capture your best images.


I invite you to my studio

for a personal Photo Shoot which will transform the way you see yourself…

Be Seen. Be Present. You'll Be Amazed!

I would like you to now consider that you really need not have any fear… I will be your guide through this experience and will be over the moon to be able to show you back to yourself in a positive way.

I recently received this message on my Facebook inbox:

Hi Andrea! I just wanted to say I love the new branding on your business! I still have my photographs from my shoot with you and “the explorer” is on the fireplace we love it so much! I wanted to thank you as after my experience with you I was more comfortable around cameras and photographers in fact some of my costumes are getting quite showstopping as I'm more confident! In fact I look at the pictures anytime I think an outfit is getting too over the top and then usually just go for it. So even though it was a couple of years ago thank you so much x

This young woman came to me for a self styled photo session, with costumes she made. I did not realise how nervous she really was… That simple experience clearly changed her confidence level and her self-image and belief. What more could I ask for?

I can do the same for you, if you will take the first step and get in touch!

Be present in your life by being seen. If you have a family your photos are the heirloom they will look back at, for generations to come. Even if you are doing this just for yourself, you will have a long lasting reminder that you are amazing, and the benefits of the confidence you will gain are yet untold.

Get in touch today and let’s start planning this next step in your confidence building, or simply give yourself a much deserved pampering!

Andrea de Gabriel